Sentence Examples

  • Just like that, any pretension of him being interested in her was gone.
  • Thus they make no pretension of any but business discussions at their conferences, and much benefit to all concerned follows as a matter of course.
  • The last wars of the League with the Scandinavian powers in the 16th century, which left it shorn of many of its privileges and of any pretension to control of the Baltic basin eliminated it as a factor in the later struggle of the Thirty Years' War for that control.
  • Though for the most part poorly built, it has one or two buildings of some pretension - an ancient castle, a mosque, a Franciscan monastery, government buildings and barracks.
  • Thanks to the moral support and material resources which it found in the ecclesiastical lords of central and northern France, and to the growing popular desire for the suppression of feuds, royalty was able to support its pretension to the general government of the kingdom.