Sentence Examples

  • Tibia is a massive free online role-playing game where you can play with other gamers from around the globe as an adventurer who can go on quests, explore different maps, and fight various monsters with melee, ranged and magic attacks.
  • Now PCs are the haven for games that require high graphical detail and complicated user interfaces - games like real-time strategy and role-playing games, where the player has to manage multiple units or complicated inventories.
  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will have better graphics, more lifelike characters conversing in full speech (instead of all text dialog), real-time 24-hour cycles and will be the first role-playing game for the new Xbox 360.
  • Along similar lines, strategy and role-playing games can be longer versions where they take control of one character and follow through its life by making quasi-real choices and can affect one or many within the game.
  • As a big role-playing game player, I really enjoy it when I find a cool game I can continue to play without having to wait for the next installment, which sometimes takes a couple of years before being released!