Sentence Examples

  • I bought 'em at a garage sale right down the street.
  • Would you buy the answer that I ran into an incredible sale I couldn't pass up?
  • The wife wasn't home when the sale took place—she heard it all second hand from her husband.
  • A real estate sign advertising a house for sale peeped out from tall grass beside the road.
  • In addition, the communes have a right to levy a, surtax not exceeding 50% of the quota levied by the state upon lands and buildings; a family tax, or fuocatico, upon the total incomes of families, which, for fiscal purposes, are divided into various categories; a tax based upon the rent-value of houses, and other taxes upon cattle, horses, dogs, carriages and servants; also on licences for shopkeepers, hotel and restaurant keepers, &c.; on the slaughter of animals, stamp duties, one-half of the tax on bicycles, &c. Occasional sources of interest are found in the sale of communal property, the realization of communal credits, and the contraction of debt.