Sentence Examples

  • Buying short lots of closeout stock tiles can net you big savings at places like Big Lots or, and using some creative license may end up being a design inspiration you'd never have considered otherwise.
  • Time moves fast in the world of retail, so what may be a closeout item in one department store is still top-of-the-line merchandise to the average consumer, especially when it comes to women's clothing.
  • Closeout stores often have small items for sale such as trinket boxes, picture frames, scented soaps, candles, kitchen accessories, and much more at very low prices, but only in a limited quantity.
  • Once you have an idea of the regular price for the item, you'll have a lot better idea about whether the girls closeout dresses you've found are really the steal you think they might be.
  • While it is suggested that you only buy an electric scooter from a reputable dealer, many consumers will often purchase a scooter from a discount or closeout establishment or a used scooter.

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