Sentence Examples

  • We have then the genus Larus, which ornithologists have attempted most unsuccessfully to subdivide.
  • The petioles have a somewhat complex structure, the bundle often having, in transverse section, the form of an H; it has been proposed to subdivide the genus on the details of the petiolar structure.
  • Similarly where multiplication has arisen out of the subdivision of a unit into smaller units, we can again subdivide these smaller units.
  • The diversity of scales appears to be due mainly to four causes: (i) the tendency to group into scores (§ 20); (ii) the tendency to subdivide into twelve; (iii) the tendency to subdivide into two or four, with repetitions, making subdivision into sixteen or sixty-four; and (iv) the independent adoption of different units for measuring the same kind of magnitude.
  • The essential difficulty has been that none of them could subdivide the rapidly solidifying charge into the small balls which the workman dexterously forms by hand, and that if the charge is not thus subdivided but drawn as a single ball, the cinder cannot be squeezed out of it thoroughly enough.