Relieve Definition

relieved, relieves, relieving
relieved, relieves, relieving
To cause a lessening or alleviation of.
Relieved all his symptoms; relieved the tension.
American Heritage
To serve as a relief pitcher.
Webster's New World
To ease, lighten, or reduce (pain, anxiety, etc.)
Webster's New World
To free (a person) from pain, discomfort, anxiety, etc.
Webster's New World
To restore (a part of the body, the mind, etc.) to well-being.
Webster's New World
relieve (oneself)
  • To urinate or defecate.
American Heritage
relieve oneself
  • to urinate or defecate
Webster's New World

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Origin of Relieve

  • From Old French relever, specifically from the conjugated forms such as (jeo) relieve (“I lift up"), and its source, Latin relevo (“to lift up, lighten, relieve, alleviate"), combined form of re- (“back") + levo (“to lift"). Compare levant, levity, etc.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English releven from Old French relever from Latin relevāre re- re- levāre to raise legwh- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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