Sentence Examples

  • According to the National Women's Health Information Center, stress can cause or exacerbate physical health problems like high blood pressure, back and neck pain, and even diabetes.
  • Humidifiers should be adequately and frequently cleaned with bleach or comparable cleanser to avoid mold which can be aerosolized and then exacerbate existing allergies.
  • While the underlying causes are largely unknown, there is some evidence that suggests sun exposure, stress, and other situations which cause flushing or blushing of the cheeks may exacerbate those with the condition.
  • In fact, MBT footwear may be considered somewhat miraculous to individuals who typically have trouble finding shoes that accommodate their troubled feet or that don't exacerbate joint or other types of body pain.
  • Temporary solutions can help men adjust to the psychological stress of hair loss, though each solution should be carefully monitored to be sure it does not exacerbate the condition or cause other health problems.