Sentence Examples

  • The district council are charged with the duty of enforcing the provision of proper sanitary accommodation (water-closets, privies, ashpits, &c.) for all dwelling-houses, new or old, and Sanitary for factories, and the maintenance of such conveniences accommo- i n proper condition.
  • Lation of urinals, water-closets, earth-closets, privies, ashpits and other similar conveniences for public accommodation.
  • The district council are not R bound to undertake the removal of house refuse from premises, or the cleansing of closets, privies, ashpits and .
  • If they do not undertake these duties, they may make by-laws imposing on the occupiers of premises the duty of cleansing footways and pavements, the removal of house refuse, and the cleansing of earth-closets, privies, ashpits and cesspools; and an urban council may also make by-laws for the prevention of nuisances arising from snow, filth, dust, ashes and rubbish, and for the prevention of the keeping of animals on any premises so as to be injurious to health.