Sentence Examples

  • Also, in high fantasy, the fate of the world typically rests on the hero's shoulder and frequently, although not always, the hero is an unlikely or unknowing character.
  • Parents who do drugs may associate with drug dealers on a regular basis, and teens end up dealing drugs with the dealers along with their unknowing parents.
  • That being said, there are plenty of retailers of replicas that will take advantage of unknowing buyers.
  • When the Church and the needy and fanatical nobles of northern and central France destroyed the feudal dynasty of Toulouse and the rich civilization of the south in the Albigensian crusade, it was for Philip Augustus that their leader, Simon de Montfort, all unknowing, conquered Languedoc. At last, instead of the two Frances of the langue doc and the lax gue dorl, there was but one royal France comprising the whole kingdom.
  • Their unknowing company at his meal was well worth the price of the charge.