Sentence Examples

  • The con artist then proceeds to ask more and more questions, narrowing down the choices, all with an air of confidence and mystery to bedazzle the unwitting victim.
  • The bigger danger is that these fake number cards are sold to consumers as the real thing and in the application process the unwitting consumer may turn over personal information, such as Social Security numbers, to the seller.
  • In such cases, the unwitting consumer may be led to believe that they are buying the same products that would be displayed in retail stores, but this is not the case.
  • Chances are your neighbor, coworker or most intimate friends have at one point or another defiled your inbox with another email forward that links you to some YouTube video of an unwitting feline traipsing in front of a truck.
  • Soon hackers were tweaking their applications to gain control of PCs for criminal activity, and create zombie PCs used to send email spam, act as unwitting hosts to child pornography rings, or business extortion.