Sentence Examples

  • In the early days of movies with sound, westerns, comedies, and dramas ruled the cinematic roost, but the horror movie was there, lurking in the shadows and waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on unsuspecting moviegoers.
  • The unsuspecting person clicks on the link and lands on a website that appears to be authentic, so the person supplies personal information in an attempt to rectify whatever supposed problem there is with the account.
  • Make sure that the review will be an example of the goodwill shared in the blogosphere and not someone's attempt to make money by creating spam pages that show up when unsuspecting viewers are searching for quality content.
  • It was equally obvious that the group was uniform in their ability to poke fun at one another as well as an unsuspecting visitor.
  • I am concerned that the sketchy man in the park might attempt to abduct an unsuspecting child.