Sentence Examples

  • Many manufacturers and computer stores try to convince unwary consumers that they actually require better technology than what will work for them, and the only result is a higher price tag for no good reason.
  • Congo Falls: This flume ride may seem small at only 34 feet tall, but the massive tidal wave it unleashes is sure to drench everyone aboard as well as unwary onlookers on the crossover bridge.
  • Unwary consumers may be tempted to buy more expensive sheet sets with a higher thread count, when in fact cheap bed sheets may be just as suitable without destroying a household budget.
  • Unfortunately, there are many different types of scams that try to get unwary park guests to sign up for promotions, offer "donations" or surrender personal information in order to secure free tickets that turn out to be frauds.
  • While the XanGo company has tried to curtail its distributors' enthusiastic, and often overblown comments on the efficacy of the juice, many juice peddlers prefer to prey on the unwary.