Sentence Examples

  • An accidental circumstance, however, occurred at this moment which largely affected his future.
  • This involves a loss of accuracy because, with a spiderline micrometer, the accidental error of pointing is of the order of o I" of arc.
  • 19), and may correct in an award any clerical mistake or error arising from an accidental slip or omission.
  • Synods were occasionally held in this church, and parliaments also, before the Commons' Hall was destroyed in 1566 by an accidental explosion of gunpowder.
  • The accidental use of a single name, America, for the pair of continents that has a greater extension from north to south than any other continuous land area of the globe, has had some recent justification, since the small body of geological opinion has turned in favour of the theory of the tetrahedral deformation of the earth's crust as affording explanation of the grouping of continents and oceans.