Sentence Examples

  • Roundhouse kicks: The front of the foot or lower part of the leg is the impact spot in this kick, which calls for a rounded movement as the knee is raised and the leg is "snapped" from that point.
  • The cardio routine combines traditional aerobics moves with martial arts moves like roundhouse kicks and various punches.
  • Learn some Nintendo Wii Sports tips on how to perform roundhouse punches and the uppercut.
  • For the roundhouse, aim the remote down a little and arc your arm around the side.
  • Graduates of technical schools are received as special apprentices and are directed in a course of four years through the erecting shops, vice shop, blacksmith shop, boiler shop, roundhouse, test department, machine shop, air-brake shop, iron foundry, car shop, work of firing on the road, office work in the motive power accounting department, and drawing room; the most competent may be admitted through the grades of inspector, in the office of the master mechanic or of the road foreman of engines, assistant master mechanic, assistant engineer of motive power, master mechanic and superintendent of motive power.