Sentence Examples

  • Other parts, like the motor for the turntable and the magnetron, should be replaced only by individuals who are knowledgeable about how electronic devices work and who are skilled with appliance repair.
  • When Zimmerman's parents moved to their house in Hibbing, however, Zimmerman heard a country record left on the turntable that made him feel like he was "someone else."
  • Once consigned to the dustbins of history, the turntable found new life as the instrument of choice for DJs and as an essential component for any collector of LPs.
  • Determine if your cabinets can benefit from cabinet organizers such as racks, turntables, canned food racks, or portable turntable to double the storage area.
  • This stainless steel model has a 2.2 cubic foot interior and a sturdy 16-inch turntable to easily hold two-quart casserole dishes and large dinner plates.