Sentence Examples

  • Before the Kaiser's achieved worldwide success, the boys were prominent figures of the Leeds indie scene, and were the original hosts of Pigs, the city's monthly ostentatious electro-punk night at the Hi-Fi club in the city centre.
  • Sunglasses: the fifteen styles include BSG, Crossover, Digit, EC-DC, Gain, Generator, Hi-Fi, Livewire, Maxwell, Ohm, Overdrive, Technician, Treble, Vol., and Wolfpak.
  • Know your audience: if your users aren't likely to have high-speed internet, then streaming hi-fi or large file downloads will probably not work well.
  • While most styles are more masculine and boxy, Wolfpak, Digit, and Hi-Fi have a narrower, rounder silhouette.
  • Unless, of course, you don't care for that sort of thing and like the days of Hi-Fi.