Sentence Examples

  • From the loch, is one of the pleasantest villages in the Highlands and has a great vogue in midsummer.
  • In the following year, Jean Ribaut (1520-1565), with a band of French Huguenots, landed first near St Augustine and then at the mouth of the St Johns river, which he called the river of May, and on behalf of France claimed the country, which he described as " the fairest, fruitfullest and pleasantest of all the world "; but he made his settlement on an island near what is now Beaufort, South Carolina.
  • One of the pleasantest residential districts is Rangely, a restricted private park.
  • The cold season, from October to the first half of March, is the pleasantest time of the year.
  • 8): virtuous actions are gentlemanly actions, and happiness accordingly is being at our best and noblest and pleasantest (tipcarov Kai KaXXCaTOV Kai rjScarov).

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