Sentence Examples

  • They may feel shy about asking permission to use the bathroom, they may be involved in more enjoyable activities and may not want to stop, or they may be rushed when using the bathroom and not have time to complete the bowel movement.
  • You'll be getting classic sunglasses that you can wear for years with proper care, more enjoyable days in the sun due to lack of glare, and a level of UV protection you wouldn't necessarily get from other sunglass shapes.
  • Since you're writing about topics that are relevant to your local community and interacting with the people who live in your area, newspaper journalism definitely qualifies as one of the more enjoyable freelance opportunities available.
  • Next, choose the best cruise ship for your personality - Carnival cruise ships are always popular because of their Fun Ship atmosphere and numerous activities, but Royal Caribbean Cruises and other cruise lines can be equally enjoyable.
  • Whether you're looking for decorating theme ideas or you're searching for the best place to buy a new artificial Christmas tree, LoveToKnow Christmas has the information you need to make your holiday celebration more enjoyable.