Sentence Examples

  • When Pokemon games and Pokemon action figures first hit the American market in the mid-1990s, youngsters were entranced by the rich storyline, the loveable characters, and the prompt to "catch 'em all!"
  • I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti Shustak is written from a parent's point of view about all the things loveable about the child, from their bad moods to their toes and hair.
  • In the Shrek movies, these twisted sub-plots and familiar fairy tale characters help engage us in the trials of a grouchy but loveable ogre and his princess/ogre bride.
  • Expect chain straps, large gold-tone clasps, and hanging charms within this line, often nestled up to feathers, sequins, or fur for an air of loveable ostentatiousness.
  • Casual: If you want to walk on the wild side, the leopard print Loveable is a ballet flat ready to be paired with anything from a miniskirt to blue jeans.

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