Sentence Examples

  • We are offering groups in plush and supple velvets lavishly trimmed in rhinestones, gorgeous silks and laces, elegant two-tone lace and charmeuse, sexy Venice and stretch mesh pieces plus a complete line of adorable Christmas pieces.
  • What may be adorable in a four ounce kitten is less adorable in a fifteen pound cat, so don't encourage rough play with people, or you'll have a confused cat when he grows up and suddenly no one wants to play-fight with him any more.
  • A wider selection is available at Fotosearch and these graphics are royalty free; however, you will need to pay a considerable amount for the image itself.Clipartof has an adorable assortment of cheerleader graphics available for download.
  • Labels such as Biscotti, Baby CZ, D&G and Chloe manufacture adorable, high quality designs, none of which are particularly over-the-top when it comes to fashion, but include just enough pink and ruffles to make an adorable ensemble.
  • The little girl was adorable in a Shirley Temple kind of way.