Sentence Examples

  • Farrell went on to make American Outlaws, Hart's War (with Bruce Willis), Minority Report (opposite Tom Cruise), Phone Booth, The Recruit (with Al Pacino), Daredevil (starring Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck), and S.W.A.T (with Samuel L.
  • L. longifolia, an Australian species, planted out in a bed of Rhododendrons at Forest Hill, near London, grew luxuriantly in the open air, flowering and bearing seed, and only twice cut to the ground by frost during twenty years.
  • It flowers a month earlier than L. rotundifolius, and may be increased by division or seed, but is not so vigorous in ordinary conditions as the commoner Everlasting Peas, and should, until plentiful, be planted in warm borders.
  • One effective alternative approach to preventing and treating diarrhea involves oral supplementation of aspects of the normal flora in the colon with the yeasts Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. bifidus, or Saccharomyces boulardii.
  • L. longiflorum giganteum is the variety generally obtained from Japan; strong bulbs will send up a head of from eight to twelve flowers widely opened; the foliage is bright green; under glass this Lily may easily be forced.