Sentence Examples

  • Above sea-level, and the Kyzyl-davan, farther east, is 16,900 ft., while the Sughetdavan in the higher range is 17,825 ft.
  • It consists of two towns, Kuhna Shahr or " old city," and Yangi Shahr or " new city," about five miles apart, and separated from one another by the Kyzyl Su, a tributary of the Tarim river.
  • Altitude, towards the N.W., and eventually, assuming a westerly course, enters the Gulf of Kyzyl-tash, on the Black Sea, in the vicinity of the Straits of Kerch.
  • The lake is surrounded on the north by steppes; on the west by the rocky plateau of Ust-Urt, which separates it from the Caspian; on the south by the alluvial district of Khiva; and on the east by the Kyzyl-kum, or Red Sand Desert.
  • Kyzyl-davan, 16,900 ft.; Sughet-davan, 17,825 ft.; a pass in the Arka-tagh 18,300 ft.).