Sentence Examples

  • High above all the medley of kindreds and tongues, untrammelled by national traditions, for he had outgrown the compass of any one nation, invested with the glory of achievements in which the old bounds of the possible seemed to fall away, stood in 324 the man Alexander.
  • The precepts about the keeping of holidays, the enactments of Edmund restricting private vengeance, and the solidarity of kindreds as to feuds, and the like).
  • That the villages were orginally settlements of free kindreds, and that the lord's authority was superimposed on them at a later date.
  • This view is based mainly on the numerous place-names ending in -ing, -Ingham, -ington, &c., in which the syllable -ing is thought to refer to kindreds of cultivators.
  • Caesar, moreover, says that the clans or kindreds to whom the lands were allotted changed their abodes also from year to year - a statement which gives a certain amount of colour to Strabo's description of the Germani as quasi-nomadic. Yet there is good reason for believing that this representation of early Teutonic life was by no means universally true.