Sentence Examples

  • But even filters of this type, if they are to be fully relied upon, must be frequently cleaned and sterilized, and great care must be taken that the joints and connexions are watertight, and that the candles are without cracks or flaws.
  • 2, looks as though composed of a number of segments, gradually decreasing in size from base to tip like the joints of a telescope, instead of tapering gradually and evenly from one extremity to the other.
  • The joints of flanged rails are similar to those employed with bull-headed rails.
  • Many vitreous rocks show alteration of this type in certain parts where either the glass has been of unstable nature or where agencies of change such as percolating water have had easiest access (as along joints, perlitic cracks and the margins of dikes and sills).
  • An amount p 2 which seems small but which would be quite sufficient to destroy one or more of the joints if provision were not made to prevent damage.