Sentence Examples

  • Over time, you will find parenting with someone else easier, especially if you take this co-parenting advice to heart and take the time to come up with a good co-parenting plan if verbal agreements are not enough to keep everybody on track.
  • Whether you are doing it after a relationship breakup, based on geographical separation or as the result of a non-traditional union, following a few basic co-parenting guidelines reduces the stress of the arrangement for everyone involved.
  • While raising a child with another person may ease the pressure, co-parenting has its own struggles that can make many people want to just raise their child on their own without the help of the other parent.
  • No matter what precipitated the break-up, co-parents benefit from treating child-rearing issues like business deals and avoid letting emotions cloud their judgment during any co-parenting communications.
  • In today's society, children frequently have parents who don't live together and co-parenting solutions are needed to ensure the children receive the care and attention they deserve from both parents.