Sentence Examples

  • Sharks infest the estuaries.
  • Multitudes of meteors infest space.
  • Some of them infest dwelling-houses and swarm over the food.
  • Fights between these huge serpents and the crocodiles which infest all the rivers are said to be not uncommon.
  • To gamekeepers and those interested in the preservation of game, all animals such as the pole-cat, weasel, stoat, hawks, owls, &c., which destroy the eggs or young of preserved birds, are classed as "vermin," and the same term includes rats, mice, &c. It is also the collective name given to all those disgusting and objectionable insects that infest human beings, houses, &c., when allowed to be in a filthy and unsanitary condition, such as bugs, fleas, lice, &c.