Sentence Examples

  • If you suffer from any sort of skin welt, reaction or itch after sleeping, it's important to fully inspect your surroundings and treat any pest infestation quickly to prevent a difficult to manage outbreak.
  • The story involves the development of a rash or an itch, subsequent swelling and, eventually, the eruption of an infection within which an infestation of spiders, larvae or some other insect is discovered.
  • If you really have a bad infestation then go ahead and use a commercial spray, but do not let children or your dog outside for at least 24 hours or until the manufacturer say it is safe to go out again.
  • The puppy has to be at least two weeks old to be dewormed and follow-up treatments usually take place at the ages of four, six and eight weeks to make sure that the infestation is completely gone.
  • A single female flea can lay up to twenty-eight eggs a day, which can hatch in as little as one to six days, so it's essential to get on top of the problem at the first sign of infestation.