Sentence Examples

  • A Christian Fundamentalist sect takes control of the US and institutes a new social order, in which women who are still fertile are parceled out to the men as 'handmaids', to bear children to be raised by the infertile wives of the rulers.
  • Cancer patients who are infertile may be able to find financial support to help with the cost of fertility treatments through organizations like Fertile Hope.
  • As you can see, assuming that a woman who was had an abortion is infertile because of complications from the abortion is not necessarily accurate.
  • Couples who are wondering "How do you know when you are infertile?" have a number of ways to check their fertility before going to the doctor.
  • With greater access to assisted reproductive techniques like in vitro fertilization and intrauterine insemination, cancer patients who are infertile have a greater chance of conceiving a child.