Sentence Examples

  • If the dog is allowed to play with certain stuffed toys, it may construe that to mean that any play thing is an acceptable target.
  • This is achieved; and Briinnhilde's horror and bewilderment at meeting Siegfried again as a stranger in his own shape creates a situation which Siegfried cannot understand, and which Hagen pretends to construe as damning evidence that Siegfried has betrayed Gunther's honour as well as Briinnhilde's.
  • By them a written law has been substituted for that unwritten law which nations had been wont to construe with a latitude more or less corresponding to their power.
  • The court will construe the Articles of Religion and formularies according to the legal rules for the interpretation of statutes and written instruments.
  • Under William III., Governors Sloughter and Fletcher worked for a law (passed in 1693 and approved in 1697) for the settling of a ministry in New York, Richmond, Westchester and Queen's counties; but the Assembly foiled Fletcher's purpose of establishing a Church of England clergy, although he attempted to construe the act as applying only to the English Church.