Sentence Examples

  • From basic jazz classes to professional company workshop performances, a dancer can glean ideas from these videos, or just curl up with a laptop at home and enjoy incredible dancing as a form of entertainment.
  • If someone created a dance they are exceptionally proud of, or if they are part of an online collaboration group, they may post certain pieces online so other people can glean ideas or replicate combinations for their own programs.
  • Finally, you could pick up a men's fashion magazine in the bookstore or the grocery store line to glean information about the pieces you absolutely must add to your wardrobe, pronto.
  • It's certainly one of the most intriguing highlights, for everyone from red carpet reporters to women eagerly awaiting a glimpse of their favorite actress - and hoping to glean some inspiration for themselves in the process.
  • The letter should be easy-to-read, and uncomplicated so a busy person going through piles of resumes will be able to glean the information they need as well as the information you want them to absorb.