Sentence Examples

  • Water and forage have to be carried for them on camels.
  • They are often cut whilst still tender, dried and used as forage being known as oat hay (67,742,000 bundles of about 52 lb each were produced in 1904).
  • The principal exports are sugar, coal, cereals, wool, forage, cement, chalk, phosphates, iron and steel, tools and metal-goods, thread and vegetables.
  • 2 Sedges available for forage grow in the tundra.
  • The only British representative is Cynodon Dactylon (dog's tooth, Bermuda grass) found on sandy shores in the south-west of England; it is a cosmopolitan, covering the ground in sandy soils, and forming an important forage grass in many dry climates (Bermuda grass of the southern United States, and known as durba, dub and other names in India).