Sentence Examples

  • In each city incorporated after its adoption, the Constitution requires the election in each of a mayor, a treasurer and a sergeant, each fora term of four years, and the election or appointment of a commissioner of the revenue for an equal term; that in cities having a population of 10,000 or more the council shall be composed of two branches; that the mayor shall have a veto on all acts of the council and on items of appropriation, ordinances or resolutions, which can be overridden only by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members elected to each branch; and that no city shall incur a bonded indebtedness exceeding 18% of the assessed value of its real estate.
  • Fora similar reason secondary alcohols boil at a lower temperature than the corresponding primary, the difference being about 19°.
  • There are many private schools in all the large cities, from the primary schools maintained by the church and various corporations and religious associations to schools of secondary and collegiate grades, such as the Protestant mission schools of Petropolis, Piracicaba, Juiz de Fora, Sao Paulo and Parana, the Lyceu de Artes e Officios (night school) of Rio de Janeiro, and the Mackenzie College of Sao Paulo.
  • With this apparatus Koenig studied the effect of temperature on a standard fork of 256 frequency, and found that the frequency decreased by o 0286 of a vibration fora rise of I°, the frequency being exactly 256 at 26.2° C. Hence the frequency may be put as 256 { I - 0.000113 0-26.2)1 (From Lord Rayleigh's Theory of Sound, by permission of Macmillan & Co., Ltd.) FIG.
  • The Castilian use of the word in the sense of a right, privilege or charter is most probably to be traced to the Roman conventus juridici, otherwise known as jurisdictiones or fora, which in Pliny's time were already numerous in the Iberian peninsula.