Sentence Examples

  • The king's intelligence became yearly feebler, and in 1404 the death of Philip the Bold aggravated the position of affairs.
  • The volcanic outbursts which followed became feebler in the Devonian and Carboniferous periods and ceased with the Permian.
  • It is a form of empire or state building which appears when a powerful, expanding state comes in contact with feebler political organizations, or when a state falls into decay, and disintegration sets in.
  • The Merovingians had no idea that they were abdicating the least part of their authority, nevertheless the deprivations acquiesced in by the feebler kings led of necessity to the diminution of their authority and their judicial powers, and to the abandonment of public taxation.
  • They represented in society nothing more than a force which grew feebler and feebler as other forces grew strong; they never stood for a national magistracy.

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