Sentence Examples

  • In the colonia parziaria the peasant executes all the agricultural work, in return for which he is housed rent-free, and receives onesixth of the corn, one-third of the maize and has a small money wage.
  • He sanctions, promulgates and executes the laws, and supplements them (partly co-ordinately with congress) by administrative regulations in harmony with their ends; holds a veto power and pardoning power; controls with the senate political appointments and removals; and conducts foreign relations, submitting treaties to the senate for ratification.
  • Until the Egyptian invasion in 1814 the Sharifs of Mecca were the recognized rulers of Hejaz, and though the Turks have attempted to suppress their importance, the Sharif still executes justice according to the Mahommedan law in the holy cities, though, nominally, as a Turkish official.
  • The attention of birds is speedily attracted to the snail by this appearance and by the peculiar movements which the worm executes, and the passage of the parasite into its final host is advantageously effected.
  • Suppose that a mass M is controlled by some sort of spring, so that moving freely it executes harmonic vibrations given by -µx, where µx is the restoring force to the centre of vibration.