Sentence Examples

  • But generally cast in the form of dialogues with God and the archangels, whom he repeatedly invokes as witnesses to his veracity.
  • " The Messiah invokes all the sufferings, pain, and afflictions of Israel to come upon Him.
  • All phenomena, moral as well as material, are contemplated by him in their relation to one great organic whole, which he acknowledges under the name of "Natura daedala rerum," and the most beneficent manifestations of which he seems to symbolize and almost to deify in the "Alma Venus," whom, in apparent contradiction to his denial of a divine interference with human affairs, he invokes with prayer in the opening lines of the poem.
  • In his building inscriptions from Susa and Ecbatana invokes Ahuramazda, Anahita and Mithra.
  • In honour of Hermes and the souls of the dead, and Aeschylus (Persae, 628) invokes Hermes, with Earth and Hades, in summoning a spirit from the underworld.