Sentence Examples

  • He entreats " the Lord of Powers to fill this sacrifice with his Power and Participation," and calls the elements a " living sacrifice, a bloodless offering."
  • Buchner also entreats us " to abandon the word ` materialism,' to which (it is not clear why) a.
  • I f.); (2) on each occasion he makes a formal demand; (3) on Pharaoh's refusal the plague is announced, and takes place at a fixed time without any human intervention; (4) when the plague is sent, Pharaoh sends for Moses and entreats his intercession, promising in most cases to accede in part to his request; when the plague is removed, however, the promise is left unfulfilled, the standing phrase being "and Pharaoh's heart was heavy (7f)," or "and Pharaoh made heavy (-r»n) his heart"; (5) the plagues do not affect the children of Israel in Goshen.