Sentence Examples

  • I got all the vehicle information and full descriptions of the people.
  • The more viscous descriptions of mineral oils have also been found suitable for use in the Elmore process of ore-concentration by oil.
  • Both descriptions of rock yielded good material for building; while in the soft meleke tanks, underground chambers, tombs, &c., were easily excavated.
  • Credit became greatly restricted, and all descriptions of speculative enterprise came to an end.
  • Upon these descriptions he was still engaged till death, in 1837, put an end to his labours, when his place as Naumann's assistant for the remainder of the work was taken by Rudolph Wagner; but, from time to time, a few more, which he had already completed, made their posthumous appearance in it, and, in subsequent years, some selections from his unpublished papers were through the care of Giebel presented to the public. Throughout the whole of this series the same marvellous industry and scrupulous accuracy are manifested, and attentive study of it will show how many times Nitzsch anticipated the conclusions of modern taxonomers.