Sentence Examples

  • Recital of words of institution.
  • The recital of the Azan must be listened to with the utmost reverence.
  • If you are remiss during your piano lessons, preparing for the recital will be difficult.
  • The Supreme Court so held; its opinion, written by Chief Justice Marshall, being little else than a recital of Webster's argument.
  • This document consisted of three parts: (1) A covenant signed by King James and his household in 1580, to uphold Presbyterianism and to defend the state against Romanism; (2) A recital of all the acts of parliament passed in the reigns of James and Charles in pursuance of the same objects; and (3) The covenant of nobles, barons, gentlemen, burgesses, ministers and commons to continue in the reformed religion, to defend it and resist all contrary errors and corruptions.