Sentence Examples

  • He descried the land near Cape St Augustine, and sailed along the coast as The Portu- far as the river Amazon, whence he proceeded to the geese in mouth of the Orinoco.
  • From the eastern edge of the above-named copses he suddenly descried the camp of a whole French Corps (the 4th), evidently ignorant of their danger, on the slopes trending westward from Amanvillers.
  • 2 But he forgot his promise; and when Aegeus from the Acropolis at Athens descried the black sail out at sea, he flung himself from the rock and died.
  • Burke, hating wrong and injustice with a bitter hatred, had descried in the government of British India by the East India Company a disgrace to the English name.
  • Refractor, Hall on the 11th of August 1877, Professor Asaph Hall descried the moons of Mars, Deimos and Phobos; and a minute light-speck, noticed by Professor E.

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