Sentence Examples

  • A clear narrative of the work of many of the earlier contributors is found in Founders of Geology, by Sir Archibald Geikie (London, 1897-1905).
  • All access to the gorge was free, funded by the generosity of private contributors, merchants and the equipment manufactures.
  • Illingworth and other contributors to Lux Mundi Woo).
  • At a later period he was one of the leading contributors to the Encyclopaedia Britannica (seventh and eighth editions), the articles on Electricity, Hydrodynamics, Magnetism, Microscope, Optics, Stereoscope, Voltaic Electricity, &c., being from his pen.
  • Brown wrote a criticism of Darwin's Zoonomia (1798), and was one of the first contributors to the Edinburgh Review, in the second number of which he published a criticism of the Kantian philosophy, based entirely on Villers's French account of it.