Sentence Examples

  • He was the builder of a famous and beautiful city called Bagdad.
  • Only in two tnces, however, did a local god ever obtain wide acceptance se capacity of demiurge: Ptah of Memphis, who was famed n artist and master-builder, and Khnum of Elephantine, was said to have moulded mankind on the potters wheel.
  • From an early age he determined to adopt chemistry as his profession, although his father, who was a builder, would have preferred him to be an architect.
  • So rare were the ordinary comforts, and even necessities of life, that the latter had to take a prominent place from the beginning: the missionary had to be farmer, carpenter, brickmaker, tailor, printer, house and church builder, not only for himself but for his converts.
  • The state is interested in the commercial railway venture as a matter of public policy, and because it can confer or withold the right of eminent domain, without which the railway builder would be subjected to endless annoyance and expense.