Sentence Examples

  • I want the closeness of having them live with us.
  • On the 19th of July 1669 Louvois, Louis XIV.'s minister, writes to Saint-Mars at Pignerol that he is sending him "le nomme Eustache Dauger" (Dauger, D'Angers - the spelling is doubtful),' whom it is of the last importance to keep with special closeness; Saint-Mars is to threaten him with death if he speaks about anything except his actual needs.
  • Plants differ greatly from animals in the closeness of their adaptation to meteorological conditions.
  • Her body sang in happiness at the closeness, and she felt herself relax.
  • Starting from the basis " that the phrase `birds are greatly modified reptiles' would hardly be an exaggerated expression of the closeness " of the resemblance between the two classes, which he had previously brigaded under the name of Sauropsida (as he had brigaded the Pisces and Amphibia as Ichthyopsida), he drew in bold outline both their likenesses and their differences, and then proceeded to inquire how the A y es could be most appropriately subdivided into orders, suborders and families.