Incestuous Definition

Guilty of incest.
Webster's New World
Of, or having the nature of, incest.
Webster's New World
Improperly intimate or interconnected.
American Heritage
Designating or characterized by a relationship of exceptional closeness or interrelation, often one regarded as unproductive, unseemly, etc.
An incestuous community of expatriates.
Webster's New World
The definition of incestuous is an overly close relationship that seems improper, or inappropriate sexual behavior between family members.
When two people who grew up together and who were always overly close begin a love affair that seems inappropriate, this is an example of an incestuous relationship.
When two siblings have a sexual relationship, this is an example of an incestuous relationship.

Origin of Incestuous

  • incest +‎ -ous

    From Wiktionary

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