Sentence Examples

  • She's known for everything from catchy music and being a judge on American Idol to her killer wardrobe and great hairstyles: Paula Abdul clearly has a lock on the industry with her multifaceted list of talents and her glamorous style.
  • While selling their original and catchy phrase t shirts from the back of their van to fellow co-ed students while exploring the vast world, their company name, Life is Good, certainly became their very own mantra.
  • Most every genre is represented: from hip-hop to jazz, techno to ballads, you'll find that the songs are catchy and you will probably have two or three per game that you dance to each time you play.
  • An unashamed lover of the Beatles, Lynne's lush harmonies, layered production techniques, catchy guitar riffs, and sweet as candy melodies fuelled some of the best power-pop music ever recorded.
  • One of the most impressive things about KISS, besides their catchy rock melodies and unparalleled stage performances, has always been Gene Simmons' marketing and merchandising genius.