Sentence Examples

  • It can be a tricky decision and it is not uncommon to sit there for a few minutes to contemplate which to upgrade.
  • In addition to the classic Rubik's Cube, you can also purchase the Rubik's 5X5 Brain Teaser, Rubik's Tangle Puzzle, Rubik's Magic Puzzle, Rubik's Twist Unlimited, and more.There are dozens of tricky wooden and metal puzzle games available.
  • It's important, especially when trying out the more tricky moves, that you do so with the supervision and teaching of someone who is well trained in body mechanics and kinesthesiology, as well as gymnastics and cheerleading stunts.
  • While it may be tricky to get your hands on trial special effect lenses and nearly impossible to get custom lenses without shelling out the cash up front, there are options for some of the major contact lens manufacturers.
  • Getting a cosigner can be a great way to obtain first time credit at reasonable interest rates and terms, but keep in mind that this can be a tricky situation and can result in big problems if you don't pay as agreed.