Sentence Examples

  • A second venture proved to be a little more encouraging, although again there was a loss; but in April 1873, the Kennel Club, which is now the governing body of the canine world, was founded by S.
  • Our Dogs, The Kennel Magazine, and The Illustrated Kennel News are the remaining canine journals in England.
  • Here the metacarpals and metatarsals have partially united to form cannonbones, the skull has assumed the elongated form characteristic of modern camels, with the loss of the first and second pairs of upper incisors, and the development of gaps in front of and behind each of the next three teeth, that is to say, the third incisor, the canine and the first cheek-tooth.
  • Followed by several small teeth representing the canine and earlier premolars.
  • The first upper incisor is much larger than the others; canine and first two premolars rudimentary.