Sentence Examples

  • A coyote howled in the distance and another answered.
  • The coyote or small wolf, here and there the grey wolf, the fox and the mountain lion (panther) occur.
  • COYOTE, the Indian name for a North American member of the dog family, also known as the prairie-wolf, and scientifically as Canis latrans.
  • The domestic dogs of some North American Indian tribes closely resemble the coyote; the black wolfdog of Florida resembles the black wolf of the same region; the sheepdogs of Europe and Asia resemble the wolves of those countries, whilst the pariah dog of India is closely similar to the Indian wolf.
  • In Oregon the coyote is also the " demiurge," but most of the myths about him refer to his creative exploits, and will be more appropriately treated in the next section.