Sentence Examples

  • While you may not want to drag a dog (and certainly not a passel of kids) to a party, a stuffed pooch in a big purse or a few baby dolls draped across your body can certainly paint the perfect picture.
  • Since kennel cough is transmitted via the air, it can be found in even the cleanest kennels and can be contracted by even the most pampered and pedigreed pooch.
  • Dog T-shirts can prove how much one of you is pampered, but whether this is a clear choice of owner or pooch depends upon personal taste and your point of view.
  • Herding commands are a language all their own, and they are commands that you will have to learn quickly if you wish to successfully train your pooch.
  • When you are at home, a dog door can mean the end of the human yo-yo game, as you constantly get up and go to the door to let your pooch in and out.