Assuage Definition

assuaged, assuages, assuaging
assuaged, assuages, assuaging
To make (something burdensome or painful) less intense or severe.
Assuage her grief.
American Heritage
To lessen (pain, distress, etc.); allay.
Webster's New World
To satisfy or appease (hunger or thirst, for example).
American Heritage
To calm (passion, anger, etc.); pacify.
Webster's New World
To appease or calm.
Assuaged his critics.
American Heritage

Origin of Assuage

  • Middle English asswagen from Old French assuagier from Vulgar Latin assuāviāre Latin ad- ad- Latin suāvis sweet, delightful swād- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • Middle English aswagen, from Old French asuagier (“to appease, to calm”), from Vulgar Latin assuaviō, derived from ad- + suavis (“sweet”) + .

    From Wiktionary

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