Sentence Examples

  • This system of channels is in communication with the outer atmosphere through numerous small apertures, known as stomata, which are abundant upon the leaves and young twigs, and gaseous interchange between the plant and the air is by their assistance rendered constant and safe.
  • This power of varying the area of the apertures by which gases enter the internal reservoirs is not advantageous to the gaseous interchangesindeed it may be directly the reverse.
  • Most of these extend through narrow apertures foramina pneumatica - into the hollow bones, sometimes, e.g.
  • It has been asserted (and denied) that the cellular rod which is known as the "Heart-body" (Herzkorper), and is to be found in the dorsal vessel of many Oligochaeta and Polychaeta, is formed of cells which are continuous with the chloragogen cells, thus implying the existence of apertures of communication with the coelom.
  • Segments are the apertures of the Nervous system rarely atria.C, Perichaeta: the spermathecal pores (Aeolosoma) in continuity are between segments 6 and 7, 7 with epidermis.